Board-Regular Meeting 2.1
Special Meeting - Board Workshop
Monday, May 11, 2020, 11 a.m.


Consistent with Executive Orders No. N-25-20 and No. N-29-20 from the Executive Department of the State of California and Contra Costa County March 16, 2020 Shelter in Place Order and the Updated Stay-at-Home Order with New Restrictions issued on April 29, 2020, effective May 4, 2020, extending the Shelter in Place Order through May 31, 2020, the Regular Meeting will not be physically open to the public and all Board Members will be teleconferencing into the meeting via Microsoft Teams.  To maximize public safety while still maintaining transparency and public access, members of the public can listen to the meeting by using the hyperlink below and may provide public comment by sending comments to the District Secretary by email at  Comments will then be read into the record, with a maximum allowance of 3 minutes per individual comment, subject to the Chair’s discretion.   All comments should be a maximum of 500 words, which corresponds to approximately 3 minutes of speaking time. If a comment is received after the agenda item is heard but before the close of the meeting, the comment will still be included as a part of the record of the meeting but will not be read into the record.

Any member of the public who needs accommodations should email or call Cecilia Goff at, or 925-809-3002 who will use their best efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to provide as much accessibility as possible while also maintaining public safety in accordance with the Ironhouse Sanitary District procedure for resolving reasonable accommodation requests.  All reasonable accommodations offered will be listed on the District website at 

Link to the Board meeting for members of the public: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting











At this time, the public may address the Board on subjects not on the agenda. Comments may not exceed three (3) minutes in length.  While State Law prohibits Board action or discussion on any item not on the agenda, members of the Board may briefly respond to statements or questions from members of the public, provide a reference to staff or other resources for factual information, request staff to report back to the Board at a subsequent meeting, or take action to direct staff to place a matter on a future agenda.  Members of the public are asked to submit a speaker card for public comment in advance of the Chair calling for public comments.




Members of the public may speak on any business item on the agenda. If you would like to speak, please submit a speaker card in advance and state your name and address when you begin speaking. Each speaker is limited to 3 minutes, except as the Board President may otherwise determine.

Any disclosable public records related to an open session item on a regular meeting agenda and distributed by the District to a majority of members of the Board of Directors less than 72 hours prior to that meeting are available for public inspection at 450 Walnut Meadows Drive, Oakley, CA 94561 during normal working business hours.

ISD will provide reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities who are planning to attend meetings if they contact Cecilia Goff, District Secretary at least 48 hours before the meeting at 925 809-3002.