Strategic Plan 2022-2027+

Strategic Plan cover

In 2021 Ironhouse Sanitary District Board of Directors, in concert with staff and external stakeholders, crafted the Strategic Plan 2022 - 2027+. The plan spells out how the District will implement its mission and achieve its vision by completing specific action items. 


The new strategic plan focuses on the pursuit of excellence through innovation in our mission to protect the environment and the public health of our community. The new Strategic Plan lays out the visionary goals the District will work toward over the next five years.


The Board’s acceptance of the plan September 19, 2021 establishes the direction for staff to plan and identify activities that would fulfill the District’s strategic goals.



Ironhouse Sanitary District protects public health, resources, and the environment through dependable, efficient, and innovative collection, treatment, and multi-benefit reuse of our community’s wastewater for a resilient future. 



Ironhouse Sanitary District is a leader committed to industry excellence in serving our diverse community with trust, transparency, and fiscal responsibility to maximize the beneficial use of our shared resources.


Strategic Goals: 

The Strategic Plan Goals are refined to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands. They are designed to represent distinct activities that the District must engage in to leverage our resources to benefit our customers and the community at large.


  • Goal 1: Environmental and resource stewardship
  • Goal 2: Services and Assets
  • Goal 3: Customer and community engagement
  • Goal 4: Strategic partnership and advocacy
  • Goal 5: Enduring organization

To read the Strategic Plan 2022-2027+, please follow the link below.


Link to Strategic Plan 2022-2027+

Link to Strategic Plan 2013