Peter Zirkle

Zirkle (sm)


My wife, Mary, and I have lived in the Oakley area for over five decades. We have been involved in numerous community services, YMCA, Cub and Boy Scouts, Little League, Give Always To Others, Saint Anthony CYO, Oakley

Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of Oakley, Oakley Senior Center, local school PTAs and numerous non-profit fundraisers, to name a few.


As an Ironhouse Sanitary District (ISD) Board of Directors member, I represent the residents and businesses in the ISDs service area. After witnessing our service area population increase significantly over the last five-plus decades, I know how important it is to have a reliable sewage system for both Oakley and Bethel Island. This includes a continued dedication to efficient, safe, and dependable sanitation service at a reasonable cost for all customers.


My goal is to work, as a team, with the ISD Board members to keep rates as low as possible, continue the recycled water program and maintain facilities to the highest possible standards. I am committed to ensuring the ISD properties are properly managed to help offset the costs of running the waste facilities. 


Some of the current projects that will have a major impact on our District, service area, and the environment I am involved in are: finding a viable use for our recycled water, Biosolid recycling use, and Jersey Island use development.


My ISD e-mail address is always available for open communications with customers, and I will provide a timely response to any issues. I look forward to continuing to serve the public interest and positively impacting our community.