Commercial Recycled Water Fill Station


To conserve potable water ISD has made their recycled water available to commercial users that would normally use potable water from hydrants. ISD's highly treated recycled water can be used for grading and compaction, dust control, landscape irrigation, and sewer flushing. Our recycled water is available for pick-up at the district's Water Recycling Facility in Oakley. 

Before the first water pickup, the customer must schedule an appointment to apply for a Water Reuse Permit and be trained in mandatory procedures for using the commercial fill station. Contact our offices at (925)625-2279.

There is a nominal fee for commercial recycled water use of $10 up to 5,000 gallon truckload and $20 up to 10,000 gallon truckload. Payment is made in advance of fill up. A prepaid card can be purchased in advance for multiple truckload pick-ups. 

Residential customers must use the Residential Recycled Water Fill Station.