Recycled Water Fill Stations

Residential-Water-Recycling-FacilityIn June 2015, ISD officially opened a two different Recycled Water Fill Stations—a Residential Recycled Water Fill Station and Commercial Recycled Water Fill Station. Each offers high-quality recycled water available for outdoor watering needs.

The Residential Recycled Water Fill Station located near ISD Main Office at its headquarters in Oakley allows Oakley and Bethel Island residents FREE access to available recycled water for irrigation of plants, trees, and gardens.

The Commercial Recycled Water Fill Station located near the Water Recycling Facility at Ironhouse's headquarters in Oakley offers a way to conserve potable water and can be used for construction purposes, including grading and compaction, wetting pads, dust control, landscape irrigation, and more.

Residential Recycled Water Fill Station

Because saving potable water will always be a concern in California, Ironhouse Sanitary District will continue to offer FREE recycled water for pick up at our Residential Recycled Water Fill Station. This is a great way to not only save valuable drinking water but also save money while keeping lawns, trees and plants green.

Recycled water can be used for:

• Watering your trees 
• Gardens 
• Vegetables 
• Lawn irrigation 
• Washing your car 
• Cleaning outdoor furniture 
• Washing Hard surfaces (paths, walls, windows, etc.)

Recycled water is NOT suitable for: 

• Drinking 
• Cooking or use in the kitchen 
• Bathing or showering 
• Filling swimming pools or spas 
• Children's water toys 
• Plumbing to the household domestic plumbing system

  1. How to get free recycled water

You must first sign a Resident Recycled Water Fill Station Agreement and be trained in the proper procedures. Once that is completed you will receive an ID card and stickers for your water containers. Save some time and fill out the agreement online and print out a completed copy to bring with you on your first fill-up during the hours noted below. Blank forms also are available at the fill station. The attendant will provide the required training and issue your ID card.

Attendants are happy to assist customers, but due to the high volume of traffic, customers must fill their own containers.

 Out of service area, but want ISD's water
ISD residential recycled water is available for residents out of our service area for a nominal annual fee of $35. This annual fee expires on Dec. 31 the year it was issued. There is no limit to how many loads can be filled per day. For more information, please call (925) 625-2279 or email

  1. Location and Hours

The Residential Recycled Water Fill station is located at ISD's Main Offices at 450 Walnut Meadows Drive in Oakley. (Take Main Street to the cross streets of Rose Avenue and Districts Way, then turn onto Districts Way under the railroad tracks.)

Recycled water is available ONLY when the Residential Recycled Water Fill Station is open only during the hours listed above. Please do not try to fill recycled water tanks before or after business hours. 

  1. Recycled Water Containers

Customers are using a variety of containers depending on the weight and size that they and their vehicles can handle.
Water is heavy, so come prepared!
Keep in mind that your containers must have water-tight lids that prevent leaking. The minimum size container is 1 gallon. The maximum size load is 300 gallons, but you can return as often as you like. We are enforcing the 300-gallon limit.

One gallon of water weighs 8.345 pounds; 100 gallons weighs 834.5 pounds. When driving a vehicle with such a heavy-weight please make sure to allow enough stopping distance and containers are secured for safe transport.

Tanks, pumps, hoses, and equipment that contain recycled water must not be connected to a buried irrigation systems, even if they are disconnected from your drinking water system. This is a human health concern. We do not want you or your neighbors to end up drinking recycled water due to an illegal interconnection between the drinking water supply and recycled water supply.

Larger loads for commercial uses are available from the Commercial Recycled Water Fill Station. For more information, call ISD at 925-625-2279.