Job Descriptions

Below you will find a list of job descriptions for position held at Ironhouse Sanitary District. See our Human Resources page for a current listing of job openings. (This page is currently being reviewed and updated. Job descriptions will be updated as they become available.)

Administrative Technician/Records Management Specialist (pdf)

Assistant General Manager (pdf)

District Secretary/Administrative Officer (pdf)

General Manager (pdf)

Lead Maintenance Worker (pdf)

Lead Plant Operator (pdf)

Lead Ranch Operator (pdf)

Lead Vehicle/Heavy Equipment Mechanic (pdf)

Levee Operator (pdf)

Maintenance Superintendent (pdf)

Maintenance Worker I (pdf)

Maintenance Worker II (pdf)

Permit/Planning/Accounting Technician (pdf)

Plant Maintenance Specialist I (pdf)

Plant Maintenance Specialist II (pdf)

Plant Manager (pdf)

Plant Operator I (pdf)

Plant Operator II (pdf)

Plant Operator III (pdf)

Plant Operator in Training (pdf)

Ranch Operator (pdf)

Reclamation Operator (pdf)

Reclamation Superintendent (pdf)

Reclamation Supervisor (pdf)

Vehicle/Equipment Mechanic (pdf)