Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for a unique volunteer experience? ISD is seeking volunteers for such jobs as office assistant, working with cattle, fill station attendant and more. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to contribute your talents and energy to benefit your community and the environment, and at the same time gain personal satisfaction and experience.

Office Assistant 
Provides administrative, secretarial and clerical support to others in the office to maintain an efficient office environment.

Cattle Assistant 
ISD owns and operates a 3,500-acre cattle ranch between Oakley and Bethel Island. Part of the ranch land is used to grow hay that is irrigated by ISD's recycled water. The hay is then fed to ISD's cattle, which are sold at market. Those with some farming and ranching experience interested in volunteering are welcome to speak with the District's ranch manager for more information.

Residential Recycled Water Fill Station Attendant 
Beginning in June 2015 ISD set up a fill station that allows residents to pick up ISD's recycled water to use on their lawns, plants, gardens and trees. In order to keep this service free to residents ISD is looking for community volunteers to help staff the fill station. Volunteers will work to train new sign-ups about recycled water safety, sign in users and keep daily tallies of recycled water disbursements.

Other volunteer positions may be available. For more information, contact ISD's office manager at 925-625-2279.