Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

Plan Coverage

The ISD board recently gave its approval to staff revisions of the district's Sewer System Management Plan, or SSMP. The plan covers all aspects of the management of ISD's sewer collection system, including pipes, manholes and pumping stations. As of November 3, 2011, the plan has been certified with the State Water Resources Control Board.


The basic premise is to make sure that the entire sewer collection system for the district's sphere of influence is inspected, proactively maintained to protect public safety, and that all maintenance is well documented.

The main goal is to reduce sewer overflows and any adverse effects on the environment.

Living Document

The SSMP is a living document that follows 11 guidelines set forth by the water board in offering ways to meet goals, including providing adequate capacity to convey peak wastewater flows and to meet all applicable regulatory notifications and reporting requirements.


ISD has assembled a committee of qualified staff members that meets every six months to monitor the progress of the SSMP. The committee will host an audit of the plan every two years and provide the means for the ISD board to approve any revisions needed every five years.

This plan complies with the state of California's effort to bring all public agencies to the same level of systems management. The public is welcome to review the SSMP on ISD's website. Watch for future plan updates online.

SSMP Documents