Rates & Service Charges

Explanation of Charges

The annual User Service Charge that residential and business customers in the ISD system pay are assessed each year on county property tax statements. 

Developers and property owners needing to connect to the ISD sewer system have additional fees they are responsible for. The most common service fees are outlined below.

Current Charges (As of July 1, 2023)

  • Annexation Cost - The owner of the property being annexed shall pay all costs and fees due to LAFCO and state plus ISD's expense related to the annexation.
  • Annual Wastewater Service Charge for Single Family Residence - The Annual Wastewater Service Charge for a Single Family Residence is $916.39 ($76.37 per month). Annual service charges will be collected by the County Tax Collector. For other service charges, please see the appropriate connection fees sheet below. 
  • Change of Use - Where connection fees have previously been paid for sewage service for a structure, building, identifiable commercial activity, or separate premises, and it is proposed to alter the original character to use for the structure, building, identifiable commercial activity, or separate premises. The Engineer shall establish and collect connection fees for the new proposed use, giving credit for a decrease in calculated fees.
  • Connection Fee - Please see the charts below for rates. The connection fee shall be equal to the total number of equivalent service units determined in Section 3 (Establishment of Units) multiplied times.
  • Inspection Fee - The inspection fee for two or more equivalent units shall be equal to 4% of the construction cost as described in the above section or $50 per single inspection.
  • Permit Fee - The fee charged to cover administration fees for permit issuance. The fee is $20 per permit issued.
  • Plan Check Fee - The plan check fee shall be equal to 2% of the Engineer's estimated construction cost for all sewer construction including, but not limited to, sewer lines, trunkline, pump station, manholes, trenching, dewatering, backfill, paving, and testing.
  • Ordinance No. 72 - Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 25, repealing the connection, trunkline, and plant capacity fees, and adopting a new consolidated capacity fee for FY 2020-21. See the ordinance document here.

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