manualsThis page contains links to miscellaneous publications in PDF format. Some of these files may be very large.

Salinity Pollution Prevention Plan This document outlines sources of salinity in Oakley and Bethel Island's wastewater and addresses ways to reduce the levels of salinity that reach the sewer system and are ultimately released into the environment.

Recycled Water Feasibility Study Update  Draft of slide presentation on potential uses for recycled water presented for the ISD Board at its July 23, 2014, meeting.

Recycled Water Feasibility Study and Alternatives Summary — Ironhouse Sanitary District is developing a Recycled Water Feasibility Study to determine how to best utilize recycled water produced by its new Water Recycling Facility.

Strategic Plan — Strategic elements represent vital areas of the District operations, planning, and management that will be specifically addressed in the next five years.

Municipal Service Review (MRS) Report— A PDF of the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) Municipal Service Review (MSR) report.

Collection System Inventory (Collection System Map Book) — A comprehensive parcel map of the District's service area indicating every connection location and pipeline routes.

Standard Specifications (2014 Edition)— Adapted from Central Sanitary District files.

Standard Specifications (Part 2) — ISD's modifications to the Standard Specifications document above.

Standard Specifications (Drawings Only) — Adapted from Central Sanitary District files.